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Oh, I Completely Forgot–Again!


Oh, I completely forgot–again:

--to mail Heidi's birthday present.
--to buy vinegar at the store.
--to pay my cell-phone bill.

How embarrassing!!!

I took this quiz:

Are you a forgetful person?

I was surprised at question number 3—my answer was not there: USUALLY!!!

My results for the quiz

Are you a forgetful person?:

One thing I do remember

is to have a good day!!!


Have a good one!!!




Oh, I forgot!!!


Hi, this is Katie Adler with our video to go with our tweet: “Oh I forgot!” Oh I forgot, oh I forgot. How many times throughout the day do I forget something? Countless, countless, countless, oh I forgot! Take action! Today, or throughout the week, or any time, when you forget something, I want you to say, “Oh I forgot! Oh I forgot!” It’s a great way to practice your English, Oh I forgot. And if you forget to say, oh I forgot, in English, another chance, oh I forgot. The other action you can take is, when you forget something, I’d like you to comment or write below what it is you forgot. And, did you say oh I forgot?


This is Katie saying take care and bye!

I Am A Little Embarrassed And Determined!!!


Oh, my achilles’ heel!!!

How embarrassing!!!

Order and organization are challenges for me!!!

I am a little embarrassed and DETERMINED!!!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Write It Out!


When: The week of August 13th!

Where: My Room!

How: I will throw away what I don't need; buy some organizers!
Why: My brain feels muddled when I walk into this room!!!

How about you????

Is there anything that you can improve???

Have a good one!





August 20,2012!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!




I’m A Little Hungry–for Paris!!!


Yes, I am a little hungry to go to Paris!!!

I am thinking hmm–

Q. What can I do to satisfy my hunger???

A. Make a dream money box!

I covered a box with white scratch paper–and wrote my dream–go to Paris!

Everyday, I will add a 500 yen coin to my box.

Some days, I may add two or three 500 yen coins!!

Today is my start date and March 1  is my target finish date!

I will go in March.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!!!

Write It Out!

I will…go to Paris

When: March

Where: Paris

How: Save money every day!

Why: I want to visit museums and see the architecture!


Yes, I am a little hungry to go to Paris!!!


Have a good one!



I’m A Little Excited!!!


I’m a Little Excited! I’m a Little Excited!

Adding to Monday’s phrase “I’m a little hungry!” , Tuesday’s phrase “I’m a little thirsty!”, Wednesday’s phrase  “I’m a Little Cranky! yesterday’s phrase “I’m a Little Nervous!” is today’s phrase, I’m a little excited!”

I’m a Little Excited! I’m a Little Excited!

Have you seen the show “Great Nature”??? Today the English version will be on NHK WORLD and it’s my voice! Today’s beautiful spot is China!

It’s a chance to enjoy English!!!

NHK World

I Am a Little Excited (and a little nervous) because I have the chance to watch the show and hear my voice today!

This gives me a chance to listen carefully and study my technique for future narrations.

I seek to improve myself daily.

It is not on TV in Japan; it is only online in Japan. Here is how to find it:

1) Go to the website and put in our time zone–Tokyo, Seoul.

2) Scroll down and find Great Nature–there are several airing times.

3) At the airing time go to NHK World and it will show in the player!

The first viewing is at 6:30 am and then 10:30 and and 14:30 pm, etc.

I’m a Little Excited! I’m a Little Excited!

Have a good one and thank you!



I’m A Little Nervous!!


I’m a Little Nervous! I’m a Little Nervous!

Adding to Monday’s phrase “I’m a little hungry!” , Tuesday’s phrase “I’m a little thirsty!” and Wednesday’s phrase  “I’m a Little Cranky! is today’s phrase “I’m a Little Nervous!”

Are you nervous about what you are hoping for?

Good! You are challenging yourself for success.

 I’m A bit On edge!

I’m On pins and needles!

I have Butterflies in my stomach!

I’m nervous about two narrations I’m hoping for!

Good! I am challenging myself for success!

Soon I will find out if I got none, or one, or both!!!


Being nervous is A-OK and a natural part of life and having hopes and dreams.

Sometimes I get, Sometimes I don’t get:

I know that other opportunities are coming to me.


And loads of opportunities are coming to you, too!

Nervous? It means you are challenging yourself!!!


Challenge Yourself AND Get Nervous!!!!

Have a good one!



I’m a Little Cranky!!!


Adding to Monday’s phrase “I’m a little hungry!” and yesterday’s phrase “I’m a little thirsty!” is today’s “I’m a Little Cranky!

I will search for an airline ticket today!

Now, that is a wonderful search to do; I know!

Recently, though, the airlines charge money for this and money for that!

It has become crazy! Some airlines charge for carry on bags!!!!  OH MY!!!

Just thinking about it– I’m a Little CRANKY!!!

Wait! I know —I will drink my new concoction of herb tea and this:

That will take away my crankiness!!!

Have a good one!