What Wonderful Service!


Before coming to Japan, I read a very small book about eating in Japan. I bought the book in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. Here is the new edition:


I learned that at restaurants, if you are a good customer, they give you freebies. Of course, this is true in most countries. I had been a college student with no extra money for restaurants. Now, I was working and had some extra money. Restaurants and freebies were a great combination for me!

I was working in Osaka at that time. And, I found a pasta restaurant that I really liked. The third time that I went in the staffed thanked me for coming back. I finished my pasta and the manager put a cappuccino in front of me and thanked me, again. I was in heaven—a freebie! What Wonderful Service! I went to that restaurant once-a-week and always got a free cappuccino!

Have a good one!




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  1. When I went to Ise Shrine last year, we had coffee at a wonderful restaurant. It is in front of outer-shrine.(good location!) The house was built in Taisho era.(wonderful atmosphere!) The staff are smart.(cool uniform!) And the coffee tasted soooooo good!!!!! The price is only 370yen!! Unbelievable!!! What a wonderful service it has!

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