That’s a great sound!!!


The Mew Call of the of the Catbird!!!

That’s a great sound????

 I have to be honest! I am not sure that I love that sound…but I love the idea of that sound!

 It is a catbird—yes, catbird, go her

 and find the word “mew”—which is a sound that a cat makes—like “meow”. The “mew” sound is why it is called a catbird!!! Look for this: Mew call (below Song Call)

    • Song, call
      Recorded by Geoffrey A. Keller
    • Mew call
      Recorded by Geoffrey A. Keller
      North Carolina June 1994
    © Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

That’s a great sound???? LOL

Have a good one!




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  1. That’s interesting call. I imagined it’s the call of not tiny, not elegant cats. Talking of the call of birds, in these days some crows gather near my house in the morning and around the sunset, and begin to call for a while. Their “caa-caa” voice is very noisy!!

    • LOL!!! I imagine that you are right! I have to tell you! I love crows—they are amazing…and, yes, noisy—I betcha (bet you) humans are noisier! 500 yen???? LOL!

      Have a good one!



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