Happy the Fourth Day After Marine Day!!!


Hi! This is Katie Adler on the fourth day after Marine Day. 
I hope you're enjoying your week! I decided last night to come 
to Kamakura area and enjoy the beach and to stick my...my feet 
in the water. It's wonderful-the sound of the ocean! AH! My feet!

Sometimes it's good to do something crazy and get out there 
and enjoy life. 

Change of Plan!!! 

Yesterday I headed here to the Kamakura area …. 
Here's Enoshima... and it's about 7:00 in the morning. 
And, people are enjoying their day and I'm enjoying mine.
And, I hope you have a great Friday!!!!
Take care!



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  1. You enjoyed Enoshima and had a good Marine Day! I’ve visited there three times. I love Enoden-line. It’s wonderful train!!

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