I’m a little thirsty!!!


Adding to yesterday’s phrase “I’m a little hungry!” is “I’m a little thirsty!”

In the summertime I am always saying to myself  “I’m a little thirsty!”

And you can say “I’m a little thirsty!”, too!

Practice English in your head, under your breath or out loud!

Using a little bit of English every day will take you far!!!

When you feel parched-reach for a refreshing, healthy drink:

Be Careful!

Be Careful!

Be Careful!

Sugary foods AND Salty foods make people thirsty!!!

Practice English in your head, under your breath or out loud!

“I’m a little thirsty!” “I’m a little thirsty!”  “I’m a little thirsty!”


Have a good one!




About englishwithkatie

英語 女性 ナレーター ケイティ・アドラー http://www.katieadler-vo.com/#!__home-japanese the Perfect Vocal Touch--I am a voice over artist for NHK, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, etc! Phrase of the Day--I am the creator of tweets and videos for daily English practice immersion! --Mono-logues; Mono-fun--I am the publisher of English language materials for self-study! I am very happy to be living and working in Japan surrounded by wonderful people in a fabulous environment!

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  1. I’m a little thirsty! I drink my special drink made of apple, carrot and lemon. My garden is also thirsty. I have to water enough!

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