Oh, I forgot!!!


Hi, this is Katie Adler with our video to go with our tweet: “Oh I forgot!” Oh I forgot, oh I forgot. How many times throughout the day do I forget something? Countless, countless, countless, oh I forgot! Take action! Today, or throughout the week, or any time, when you forget something, I want you to say, “Oh I forgot! Oh I forgot!” It’s a great way to practice your English, Oh I forgot. And if you forget to say, oh I forgot, in English, another chance, oh I forgot. The other action you can take is, when you forget something, I’d like you to comment or write below what it is you forgot. And, did you say oh I forgot?


This is Katie saying take care and bye!


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  1. I went shopping at a supermarket by car. When I got out of my car, I said, “Oh I forgot my eco-bag again!” Yes, I sometimes forget it!

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