Oh, I Completely Forgot–Again!


Oh, I completely forgot–again:

--to mail Heidi's birthday present.
--to buy vinegar at the store.
--to pay my cell-phone bill.

How embarrassing!!!

I took this quiz:

Are you a forgetful person?

I was surprised at question number 3—my answer was not there: USUALLY!!!

My results for the quiz

Are you a forgetful person?:

One thing I do remember

is to have a good day!!!


Have a good one!!!




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  1. This is wonderful Katie – and whenever my birthday present arrives I will get to celebrate again on that day! 🙂 I would be more forgetful than my quiz score indicates, except that I use a tool to help me remember. I set up Tasks in Outlook to remind me about things. Tasks can be one time or recurring (like take the trash out every Wednesday night). I use Tasks to help me remember important dates for family and friends; tasks that I need to do for business; all kinds of things. They pop up every morning. Sometimes I don’t get them done. I can change the due date, or just leave it for ‘tomorrow’. I like this tool a lot!!!

  2. Heidi–thank you for your wonderful message!!! I completely forgot—again to bring your present with me—I have now scheduled it in my schedule book! Your Outlook advice is very good!



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