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Free Time Fun!


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In my free time I make fish tacos!!!


YUMMY!!! I was raised in California and Mexican food is a staple!!! Fortunately, in most parts of the US Mexican food can be found!!!

When you have free time I recommend making fish tacos! Most import stores in Japan have tortillas and salsa!

 Click here Fish Tacos Recipe Click here!



I love having free time! It is a rare and precious thing–free time!!! And, Mexican food is a free time activity!


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Free Time Rocks!!!


This week, because I am visiting friends and family, I am focusing on free time and free time rocks!!!

In fact it rocks my socks off!!! Here in the USA signs starting with “Gone…” are a popular way to celebrate free time!

AWOL—Absent With Out Leave—Missing With Out Permission!!!!

Always time for jokes, too!



These signs are popular as decorations and keep everyone chuckling and aware that free time is important!!!

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Free Time! Creating a Pie Chart in English!


Free time is so great to have!!!! I consider studying to be a free time activity because I love studying! I am thinking that maybe I need to boost my exercise time by cutting back on my studying.

Also, and this is really a shock to me-I do not have “do nothing”. I now know I want to schedule more “do nothing”  into my freet time planning–just sit and enjoy–doing zero, zip, zippo, nada, nothing–what a concept!!!

Make your chart–click here!!!

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Transcript! I really love having free time!


Click here: I really love having free time video!

Hi, this is Katie with our video to go with our tweet. I really love having free time, I really love having free time, I really love having free time. What do you like to do in your free time? Go bowling, go golfing, meet friends, go to (karaoke?) Sing, dance, laugh, play, paint, enjoy the internet? Go to a restaurant? Go to a coffee shop?

I really love having free time, I really love having free time.  What I want you to do, is to take action and get out a piece of paper, and write one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. Ten numbers on your piece of paper.

Put that piece of paper in your purse or your wallet or your pocket or your bag. And when you stop, you’re waiting for a train, you’re waiting for a light to turn, or a commercial comes on the television, I want you to say to yourself, I really love having free time.

And then, write down what you love doing in your free time. Ten of them. Then what I want you to do is come back to this place and write down the number one activity that you love.

So throughout the day we’re looking for ten practices. I really love having free time. Piece of paper, one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. When you stop throughout your day, I really love having free time. I really love having free time, then write down one thing that you love to do.

Get ten of those, and when you’re finished, come back to this place and write it down right below this spot. Great! I look forward to reading what your number one free time activity is.

This is Katie saying bye, have a good one!

Take care.

The spiff up list!


How is your clean-up going???

Here are the five from yesterday to get you started:

Time to dust

Time to sweep the entry

Time to do the dishes

Time to do the laundry

Time to vacuum in, around and under things

While cleaning I light a candle. It makes the place smell great and the fire seems to burn and refresh the whole area and make it clean and clear!

Also,I am a vinegar girl—I clean with vinegar and any natural cleaners that I find at health food stores!

SOOOOOO: Time to start preparing for Winter!!!

Time to wash the windows

Time to air out the futons

Time to repot plants

Time to scrub the walls

Time to scrub the sinks

Time to sweep all floors

Time to mop all floors

Time to wash the litter box

Time to take out the trash

Time to rearrange my shelves

Time to throw out old papers

Time to clean the toilet and bath area

Time to clean the fridge inside and out

Time to clean all filters

Time to throw out worn out goods

Time to repair torn or old screens

Time to shake the rugs

Time to remove any cobwebs

Time to check all lightbulbs

Time to clean all cupboards inside and out

Time to check expiration dates

Time to clean all mirrors

Time to clear and clean all desk and table tops

Time to wash the curtains

Time to plump and or wash all pillows

Well, this is a good start! If you think of any others let me know!!

Have a good one and happy cleaning!