I Just Remembered That I Forgot!!!



OOOPS!!! I just remembered that I forgot!!!

I bought mochi at Shinagawa station on Thursday and I just remembered that I forgot to put it in my fridge!!!!

Is it still good to eat???

I just remembered that I put down the bag with the mochi in my entryway and I got sidetracked–for 6 days!!!

I was making breakfast and I suddenly thought, “Hey, where did that stuff that I bought on Thursday go?”

OH, I completely forgot! I have been coming and going and I have paid no attention to the bags sitting in my entryway!

HMMM! That’s not good!!!

I am glad that it wasn’t chocolate! If it were chocolate, it would be a sticky, icky, gooey, ooey, mess!

So, I just remembered that I forgot to put the mochi in the fridge!!!

Is it still OK to eat???

Have a good one!





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  1. For 6 days!? The temperature of day in the closed room is deadly high! I don’t think it’s OK to eat. So if I were you, I should say “good bye” to mochi.

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