The Third Joke!!! Transcript!!!


Hi, Katie Adler here with the third joke. Yesterday I wrote a blog, three jokes for you to enjoy. Only, ohhh, I forgot! I forgot the third joke. So, I wrote a joke, this is a Katie Adler original joke. I didn’t see another joke like it on the internet. So, I think it is original.

Here goes: There was a family, sitting in the living room talking, and the daughter asked the mother, “Mom, tell us about your first date with Dad. What did you do? Where did you go? How was it?”

“Oh, I forget.”

“Mom! You forget your first date with Dad?”

And the son said, “Mom! How could you forget your first date with Dad?”

“Um, I forget.”

“Dad, do you remember your first date with Mom?”

“Oh-ho,” the father said, “how could I forget? I drove up in a beautiful red sports car, picked your mother up, took her to a fabulous restaurant, bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers, had them given to her at the restaurant, we had a gorgeous meal, I paid for everything, took your mother home, and she fell in love with me.”

“What! That’s not what happened! You drove up in an old truck, you took me to a hotdog stand, you picked a flower off the bush near the hotdog stand, you had no money, you forgot your wallet, I had to pay for everything.”

“Mom, we thought you forgot!”

“Oh, oh, I forgot that I forgot.”

That is the third joke. Thank you, and I hope you remember, speak English every day, in your head, out loud, under your breath, enjoy!



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  1. Mom wanted to wipe out her memory of their first date!…I think she wants to forget not only the date’s memory but also all her past with Dad!!! You wrote this story? It’s so funny!

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