The 100 Ways to Chill Challenge!!!


I love it!!! I now walk around watching for great ways that people are chillin’!!!

Chill! Chillin!! Chilled!!!

WOW====that is my list–it took me all yesterday to compose my list:

I had to stretch my brain!!!

I actually did 46, 96, 53, 77 and 48 yesterday and I feel really relaxed!

Conclusion: I love chillin’!

There are so many ways to chill!!!

1. Take a walk 2. play solitaire 3. listen to music 4. read a book 5. listen to the birds 6. smell the flowers 7. w/my favorite drink 8. foot massage 9. hand massage 10. head massage 11. body massage 12. talk with friends 13. play with cats 14. pet cats 15. brush cats 16. kiss cats 17. catnap 18. sit in sun 19. go to the beach 20. slowly window shop 21. listen to classical music 22. journaling 23. go to the park 24. meditate 25. stretch 26. stretch 27. footpath 28. paint 29. doodle 30. draw 31. hum 32. listen to talk radio 33. lie on the couch 34. aromatherapy 35. candle therapy 36. read a magazine 37. float in water 38. stroll 39. walk around the Imperial Palace 40. put feet in river 41. Afternoon Tea Sazaby’s 42. espresso 43. margaret howell cafe 44. Cappricciosa’s 45. Ryu Ryu Spaghetti 46. Breadworks 47. Cruise around the Bay 48. dead man’s pose 49. look at photos 49. wear pajamas all day 50. take a long bath 51. Skype chat 52. sit along the river in Shinagawa 53. listen to cicadas 54. outside patio restaurant 55. watch a funny movie 56. watch Beauty and the Beast 57. daydream 58. close my eyes 59. breathe deeply 60. facial 61. hot springs 62. turn off phone 63. no computer use 64. go slowly to work 65. stroll around a museum 66. Meiji Shrine cafe 67. do nothing in the train 68. fly a kite 69. yoga 70. get a haircut 71. no alarm morning 72. morning set 73.  star watching 74. no sugar for one month 75. go hiking 76. cold pack on eyes 77. lie with feet straight up on wall 78. massage my cats 79. hour of silence 80. take a week-end get-away 81. laugh 82. forgive 83. clean happily 84. fix mistakes happily 85. take a sauna 86. watch the blue moon 87. no make-up 88. have beginner’s mind 89. Enjoy learning! 90. Be nice to myself when I make mistakes! 91. Read Mrs. Piggle Wiggle 92. Eat watermelon 93. Talk to my Aunt Georgia 94. Take MacDuff and Stanley for a walk with Mitchell 95. Play trump 96. use my new rejuvenating Frankincense starter kit 96. sudoku 97. watch the sunset 98. watch the sunrise 99. eat my mom’s pecan pie 100. listen to NPR radio 101. Listening to Rajio Eikaiwa!!!!!

Have a good one!



Note: #74 When you chill on something it means take a break or stop for a while!

I’m chillin’ on sugar for a month. = I am stopping sugar for a month!!

I’m chillin on TV for a week.= I am stopping TV for a week.

I’m chillin on eating out for a few days. = I am stopping going out to eat for a few days!!!


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  1. Mmmm, I think i still don’t get how to use chill and meaning. First I thought chill = to become cold, but it’s not enought to cover chill. Sometimes it means STOP. I almost there to get it. But not yet. To chill = to relax yourself….,?, it’s still mystery for me.

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