American Greeting!!!


A Very Cute Family on a family outing.

I was in the train watching them and laughing to myself!

I thought that they would be great for English With Katie!

I quietly got my laptop out and prepared!!

I pounced on them at Yoyogi station.

I asked if I could interview them and show them doing
the greeting and they said, “Yes!”

Lucky me!!!


Have a good one!




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  1. That’s very cute family, I look too 🙂
    I can look like this action on TV “Kamen Rider Foze”, is that American style greeting ?

    • Hello! Yes, a very cute family. I don’t know that show “Kamen Rider Foze”–I willc check! I found lots of videos
      at youtube under handshake. Pro Basketball in the US seems to use that style a lot! Thank you!

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