Transcript: What are they doing?


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Hi this is Katie, and we’re working with our phrase of the day, and we’ve been working with: “What is he doing, what is she doing, what are they doing?” Well I’m here in Meiji Jingu Mae and I have to ask, what are they doing?

Katie: Excuse me? Let’s check. Hi, I’m so sorry to bother you, my name is Katie.

Ben and Luke: “Hi. Hi, how are you?”

Katie: “Good how are you?”

Ben: “Fantastic.”

Katie: “I am so sorry; I just want to ask you, what are you doing?”

Ben “Well, this is actually a cane and it helps me to see. Since I can’t actually see properly. So, when I’m walking around and there’s something I can’t see on the ground and this helps me identify what it is.”

Katie “I see. So, have you always used this?”

Ben: I, for a long time, yeah. For about, probably fifteen years.

Katie: “Fabulous. And here you are in Japan. And, what are you doing?

Luke: I was just listening to music, walking along with my cousin.

Katie: “I have to tell you, the reason that I stopped them is because I thought they had a metal detector, and that they were looking for things here in Meiji Jingu Mae. My mistake! But how great! We get to talk to them. Do you live in Japan?

Ben “No, no we don’t. We’re just visiting.

Luke: “We’re just visiting.”

Ben: We got here today.”

Katie: “You got here today, that’s fabulous. And you’re from?”

Ben: “Australia.”

Luke: “Australia.”

Katie: “Australia. Now, did you study Japanese in school?”

Ben: “No, we don’t know any Japanese at all. We know about four words”

Katie: “What are the four words that you know?”

Ben: Well, we know hello, goodbye, thank you, and I know how to count to ten as well. As well, so…”

Luke: “Oh, wow!”

Katie: “Oh! Can we hear that?”

Ben: “Oh okay, here we go, (Counting to ten in Japanese)”

Katie: “That is fabulous. That’s great! And you just got here today?”

Luke: “Yes we flew in this morning, had an early plane”

Katie: “And why did you decide to come to Japan?”

Ben “Holiday. Just to experience the culture, something different. Something very different from home, so.”

Katie: “Wonderful, …”

Ben: “I’m looking forward to it.”

Katie: “…now are you taking a vacation from work?”

Ben: “Uh, I’m a student, so I’m taking a vacation from studying! I, I guess…”

Katie: “And what are you studying?”

Ben: “I study medical science.”

Katie: “Medical science! Is there a particular branch of that?”

Ben: “I’m hoping to go into research. At some point I might do Honors, I might do like an extension of the course next year. So I get better credentials, and I can get into a good job at the end of it, hopefully.”

Katie: “Good, well good luck to you. And what do you do?”

Luke: “I work for the Australian Government.”

Katie: “The Australian Government. Whoaa! Now how long are you here for?”

Ben: “Eleven days.”

Katie: “Eleven days. And how was your flight here?”

Ben: “It was long but it was good. It was actually a good flight. It was pretty smooth.”

Luke: “In the dark, so we got some sleep so it’s not too bad today.”

Katie: “Oh good! Now, do you like where you’re staying?”

Ben: We haven’t actually been in there yet. We took a while to find it, so we found it and we checked our luggage in, yeah we’re going to walk back at some point. To actually check ourselves in.”

Katie: “What time is check in?”

Ben: “What is it, 2:00?”

Luke: “Two? Three maybe?”

Ben: Whenever.

Luke: “We’ll find out when we get there, I guess.”

Katie: “And what do you have on your agenda to see in Japan?”

Ben: “Um we’re pretty, we’re going to do a fair bit of shopping, see the sights, a lot of the shrines and temples. So, we were here we went and saw the shrine just down the road, before. And now we’re heading back, yeah, we’re just here to see, a lot of whatever, just touristy sort of things. Get a real, just soak in, take in as much of Japan as much as we can.”

Katie: “Oh that’s great! Well, welcome, welcome to Japan.”

Both: Thank you.

Katie: “And thank you very much for letting me interview you.”

Both: “No problem, any time, thank you.”

Katie: “All right that’s it, this is Katie saying goodbye, and remember if you see somebody, something interesting, it’s okay to go up and talk to them, they can only say no or they can say yes, and then you have a chance to have a fabulous experience. All right, take care for now, bye!”


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