What are they doing?


They are toilet papering someone’s house!

This is an activity usually done in high school in the USA.

I imagine that there are some junior high schoolers that do it, too!

TPing someone’s house can be a good joke or a bad joke.

At the high school that I went to–it was a good joke.

I went to high school in Bakersfield, California.

Lots of times, it was the cheerleaders who TPed (toilet papered) the sports players houses!

My brother was on the basketball team and so our house got toilet papered a few times!

It was always a surprise to wake-up to mom or dad laughing and waking us up to get the toilet paper cleaned up!

I toilet papered a few houses in my day and it was always a lot of fun! Interesting, while I was researching TPing for this post–I discovered that in some parts of America–it is a crime! YIKES! I never knew.

It is always done late at night. Most of us had our driver’s licenses at the age of 16. So, it was easy to get around late at night and do TP activities!!! We even TPed our school!!!

Here is how the verb works:

Katie: Let’s TP the school.

Denise: Great idea! What time should we TP at?

Katie: How about midnight?

Denise: Great!

Katie: We need to get toilet paper.

Denise: Right. How much should we get.

Katie: Lots. How about 10 family packs!

Denise: 90 rolls–Great!!!

School Announcement:

Last night the school got toilet papered. The whole front of the school has been toilet papered.

We are going to have the seniors in class 4b clean up the toilet paper from the front of the school.

Clean up will begin at lunch time at 12:30 pm and names will be checked! Please refrain from future

TPing. Thank you!

Have a good one!



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