John and Schoep Answers!


Answers to the video questions: Click here to watch!

How long have John and Schoep been together?

They have been together for 18 years.

For the last eighteen years John has had a constant companion.

How does he describe Schoep?

Just an incredible  demeanor.

What kind of dog is Schoep?

He is a shepherd mix.

The shepherd mix has lost his sight.

What is tough for John to see?

It is tough to see him get old, of course.

Where does the story take place?

In and around Lake superior.

In the shallow water of Lake Superior owner and pet  find a temporary peace.

What is the nagging thought?

Yet, there is that nagging thought: Will this swim be the last?

 What is John’s hope?

That he passes in his sleep,

I hope he passes in his sleep. Doesn’t everybody want their loved ones to pass peacefully.

This story comes at a time when my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins and McDuff in Colorado are taking good care of Stanley. They just found out that little Stanley is quite sick and are spending every moment with him. I love you Stanley and McDuff and All!!!

Jon and McDuff (on Jon’s lap) and Stanley (next to Jon)!!!

Have a good one!



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  1. Thank you for this video, questions and answers. Schoep reminds me of my lovely dog MOMO.
    I’m sure Schoep is happy and I have a lot of respect for John.

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