What time is it? Time to…


Hi there! This is a great English speaking opportunity–use it throughout your day under your breath, out loud, in your head: What time is it? And, answer–Time to… Maybe you can challenge yourself to 10 times today!

Feel free to post here on English With Katie and let me know how you did and what it was time to do or on Twitter: @KAdlerEnglish!!!

Have a good one!!!

What time is it?
Time to post this entry!



Feel free to Like it if you have time!


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  1. It’s time to take a dog walk, the dog is my brother’s. Now I stay at my parents’ house and have a lot of fun with the dog, He is 10 months old and a very spoiled dog. So he is not a good boy and very naughty. But he has much energy and cute!!! I love him!!

  2. My day begging with calling me, “what time is it?”
    It’s time to get up at 0500.
    I want to sleep more but ihave to work.
    I enjoy this blog.

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