What’s the time? Yikes! …..


Continuing with a daily use of English that you can do in your head, under your breath or out loud this week is “What time is it? Time to….”

And today, I am introducing being in a hurry or time running out:

What’s the time?

Yikes, time to…

–hurry up

–get the lead out

–get a move on

–get this show on the road


Here is how I talk to myself when time is running out or I am in a hurry!

What’s the time? Yikes! C’mon Katie! Time to hurry. The clock’s ticking. Go! Go! Go!

What’s the time? OH! Time to get the lead out, Katie. Move it or we’re going to be late!

What’s the time? Ew! Time to get a move on. The store closes in 30 minutes.

What’s the time? Oh no! Time to get this show on the road. Tom will be here any minute.

What’s the time? What! Time to hustle…you have three minutes to get to the bus!

Again, this is me talking to myself and no one else is around–you can do this, too!

Have a good one!



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