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Answers! Wesley the Owl!


Wesley the Owl: Click here for the original Video w/ Questions Challenge!



1)Why did Wesley need someone to take care of him?

Wesley was found by hikers. He was found on the ground and was injured. He had nerve damage to his wings.





2)Was Stacey hesitant to take in Wesley?

Not at all. It took her only two seconds to agree to it.





3)Why did Wesley get impatient?

Wesley was impatient because he wanted Stacey to wake-up.





4)What would he do when he was impatient?

He would fly down and with his beak, he would very carefully open Stacey’s eye




5)Why will an owl sometimes will itself to die?

When his or her mate dies, because they are actually very emotional.



6)How did Wesley take care of Stacey?

He insisted that she eat a mouse every day or he would be upset.





7)Was Wesley a cuddler?

Wesley was a big cuddler!



8) Are you a cuddler?

All answers will be different! Here is my answer:

Yes, I am. I often cuddle with my cats at night and in the morning!





9) What does Stacey mean “I went to a very dark place with that”?

She means that she got quite depressed.



10) What did Stacey learn was the only thing that matters?

The ability to love: that we are capable of giving love!



Have a good one!





There Is English Everywhere!!


We started the week with this video: I see English!


Spending time throughout your day connecting with the English around you is a great way to practice your English and say it: out loud, under your breath, in  your head!


This is a big week: From Shinjuku To The World!


The English that I see around me in Japan is usually positive, encouraging and uplifting! I get coaching throughout my day!


Practice your English and say it out loud, under your breath, in  your head!


Have a good one!






Live w/Katie Adler! Cellen: Musician and Writer! Thursday, September 27, 21:00


Cellen (Takuya Murase)

Thursday, September 27, 21:00

To attend, visit:

Solo singer, songwriter, lyricist, music school teacher, and English learner.

Cellen released his first album in 2002 when he was a college student and started performing with his band in 2002. In 2004 he was chosen as an opening act for a Kirinji concert.

In 2006, he changes his name to Cellen. He is renowned for his beautiful, meaningful lyrics. His songs are available on iTunes and he is presently working on a novel.

View Cellen’s Concert Schedule and Disography and more here:

How to join the show:

Here are videos on how to take part!

To call in and participate!!!!

Web Simulcast
Skype:  joinconference
PIN Code: 345116#


or Phone number: (206) 402-0100
PIN Code: 345116#

To attend, visit:

Have a good one!



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There’s some thought provoking English!




I love this! Swans are glamorous!


Black swans are native to Australia!

Some facts from Wikipedia:

A mature Black Swan:

–measures between 110 and 142 centimetres (43 and 56 in) in length

–weighs 3.7–9 kilograms (8.2–20 lb).

–has a wing span  of between 1.6 and 2 metres (5.2 and 6.6 ft).[2][3]

–has a long neck (relatively the longest neck among the swans) and is curved in an “S”-shape.


This week–look for English that is around you! Check it out and catch the meaning!


Have a good one!



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I See English…OH! Be Careful!!!! Wednesday Listen!


I see English! English is everywhere! Pay attention to it and enjoy it and question it.

In this recording–I talk about what I saw on Sunday.


Click here to listen:I See English…OH! Be Careful!


High! vs High! vs High!

“High” refers to height. The shelf is too high for me to reach.

“High” means very happy. I am still high from winning the lottery!

“High” is a physical state of the mind and body from doing drugs.


Here are some questions for listening comprehension:



When did this happen?

Where was I going?

What was the woman wearing?

What did it say? Where did it say it?

What does it mean?

What do I understand about lettering in Japan?

What is the caution that I give? Why?

Why should foreigners in Japan not get upset?


Have a good one!



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100% Smile!


I See English!!! is how the week has been started! And, I do see English everywhere! Here is some English that was worked in so nicely to the sign outside of this restaurant! I enjoyed the food and the service!

Remember out loud, under your breath or in your head:

Here’s some English!

How much English is around you? Lots!!!

Have a good one!



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