Indoor Herb Garden!!!


This week has been spent talking about free time. I have done a lot of thinking on how I want to spend some of my free time.

Mom and I just finished doing some re-potting so,  when I get back to Japan, I am inspired to make some space for a small indoor herb garden. I know in the strores there are many self-starter kits. I will check them out first.

I will use this format! Where there is a will there is a way!

Write It Out!


I will make a small, indoor herb garden that I can enjoy all year!


I will complete it by September 3oth!


Indoors in my kitchen or bedroom


To connect to nature and have freshly grown herbs to eat!


Clear out an area for my garden
Check out the starter kits and DIY stores
Study about how to care for the herbs that I buy

My Vision!


Well, it is September 30th! I still have my vision for my herb garden and the herb garden is still to come! I wanted to so something –so today I found the chance to go to a 100 yen story and buy a little green basket. I then bought some little flowers! The whole thing cost me 435 yen! And, I cleaned up a corner in my kitchen!!!



Have a good one!



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