Where on earth can it be?


We started with the video where is my pen?

Talking to yourself is a great way to learn English!

When I have misplaced something here is what I say:


Singular: a key, a notebook, a book, my bento, my wallet, tape)


Where could it have gone?

Where can it have gone?


Where can it be?

Where could it be?



Where on earth can it be?

Where on earth could it be?


Plural: keys, notebooks, books, papers, scissors


Where could they have gone?

Where can they have gone?


Where could they be?

Where can they be?


Where on earth can they be?

Where on earth could they be?


Here is what I sound like—DAILY—:

Where is my pen? I just had it. Oh I drive myself nuts. Where on earth can it be?

Come on, Katie, Time to be more organized! Where can it have gone! It’s not on the table.It’s not near my book. OH!LOL! Here it is, in my back pocket! OK! Yea!


The next time you lose something talk to yourself—in English—out loud, under your breath, in your head.

Thank you for your comments! I love reading them!



Have a good one!




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  1. Hello, Katie san. Speaking about misplacing something, I often lose what I’m going to say just now. It was just on the tip of my tongue, but it’s gone somewhere. Every time it happens, I say “Where on earth has it gone?”, and that phrase drives people around me nuts. That may be because I’m getting older. Thank you.

    • Well! I know exactly what you mean! I do the same thing! I like to think it is because I am interested in so many topics that I lose what I am going to say because I am already thinking about the next thing…..Hmmm. I think I am fooling myself…..Maybe if we focus a little harder on one topic, we will be able to remember our thoughts and finish putting them into words!!! Thank you for writing!!!

  2. My most memorable topic of “Where is my ~?” happened at a cafe.
    When I drove a distance having something to do, I dropped in a cafe on my way home. After I enjoyed having a cake and coffee, I fumbled about and looked inside my bag to take out my wallet. But I couldn’t find it!!! “Where is my wallet???” I couldn’t belive it, but in fact I went out without my wallet!!
    I could send the payment by mail, so it was OK. But I put my driver’s license in my wallet.
    I drove very distance without license!! I felt uneasy until I reached home.

  3. OH NO!!!! That is quite a story!!! What I am very impressed with is that you sent your payment by mail to the cafe—that is really something. I am glad that everything turned out OK! Thank you for your sharing this memory—I won’t forget!!!

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