Are you game???


The Beagle: the tracking dog used at airports!


Have fun with yourself!

Take a small item: eraser, pen, coin, earring, key, tie clip, etc.

Close your eyes and twirl around and gently throw it.

To hide the sound of it hitting the ground—you might wantto turn up the volume of your radio, computer or TV or sing loudly!!!


Start your conversation with yourself:

1) Start with Click Here: Where on earth can it be?

Use at least five sentence for talking with yourself!


2) Continue with Click Here: Helping someone find something!

Use at least five sentence for talking with yourself!


3) And then Click Here: What to say to yourself when you find your misplaced item!


4) Finally: your very last sentence to your self–must be cheerful!!!

   I am very happy that I found it!


If there are other English learners in your house, you can all play together!!!


Have fun! Remember a phrase a day goes a long way!


In your head, under your breath and out loud: use English every day!!!



Have a good one!



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英語 女性 ナレーター ケイティ・アドラー!__home-japanese the Perfect Vocal Touch--I am a voice over artist for NHK, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, etc! Phrase of the Day--I am the creator of tweets and videos for daily English practice immersion! --Mono-logues; Mono-fun--I am the publisher of English language materials for self-study! I am very happy to be living and working in Japan surrounded by wonderful people in a fabulous environment!

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