Self-Study Saturday!


Click Here: Use yesterday’s post to answer the questions! The numbers here are for the same numbers as yesterday’s post! So question number 30–at the top of this page– is for song number 30–at the top of the article!

30. Which ones are correct?

I am feeling euphoric because I passed the test!

This euphoric feeling is from losing my wallet!

I am euphoric because I got the job!

 29. If I believe the grass is greener on the other side you think:

  1. My neighbor’s lawn better than my lawn.

  2. What I have is not good enough.

  3. My backyard is better than my front yard.

28. The meaning of decent is

a. awful

b. wonderful

c. acceptable

27. It is weird to:

a. eat natto in the morning

b. eat eggs in the morning

c. eat spaghetti in the morning

26. Which is believed to be predictable?

a. The weather

b. Lottery winners

c. Popular songs

25. What makes this song fun?

24. It’s a great idea, period.

 period” means:

 a. I want to hear your opinion. (It’s a great idea– What do you think?)

b. I want you to change my opinion. (It’s a great idea.)

c. This is the only opinion. (It’s a great idea. No more talking about it.)

23. Why is this song a real downer?

22. What kind of song is this?

22. What is the mondegreen?

21. Is this a happy song?

20. Is the name of the band Genesis or Phil Collins?

19. A ditty is

a. a wonderful beat

b. a simple song

c. a complex dance

18.  How is this song described?

a. sultriness

b. suggestive

c. mellow

17/16. How did CCR earn respect?

15. No clue means:

a) no idea at all

b) a very strong idea

c) a hint of an idea

14.) Who is the artist of this song?

13.) Dumber and dumber means…?

12.) Why is the style of this band tough to describe?

 11) Well, if I hear it on the radio now I usually still flip the station, unless all the other guys are doing commercials .

This means:

a) he always listens to the song.

b) he listens to commercials.

c) he listens to the song only when other stations are playing commercials

10. “This is a great little upbeat tune”

What makes it a great little upbeat tune?

9.) How did his opinion of this song change?

8. It always makes me think of what it would be like to wake up in the morning and feel anything at all, let alone feel enough to write a song on top of it.

  1. This means:

    a) He feels nothing when he wakes up.

    b) He feels euphoric when he wakes up.

    c) He feels depressed when he wakes up.

  1. In which sentence is notorious used correctly:

    a) I am notorious for being on NHK radio.

    B) I am notorious for misplacing things.

    C) I am notorious for remembering people’s names.

  1. When I was home, my mother rained on my parade. Choose the incident.

    a) She gave me 100 dollars for my birthday.

    b) She told me I couldn’t get potato chips for my b-day party.

    c) She bought a delicious cake for my b-day.

  1. this song makes me dance like a total maniac.”

    another way to say maniac would be

    c_ _ _ _ p _ _ _ _ _

  1. Using legend, how would you describe (look up legends)

    Babe Ruth

    Humphrey Bogart


  1. a) Something you can bang your head to means….

    b) Something you can fall asleep to means..


a)What is the world’s problem that was identified?

b) How was it sung in a way that would get people’s attention?

1) What are the its in this sentence?

  1. And this song… well, it’s got it the first time and the hundredth.

    What are the its in this sentence?


    Take your time and have fun and enjoy!

    Have a good one!



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