This is definitely something to look into!


Yesterday started the week with “That looks worth checking out”. We continue today with “This is definitely something to look into–I am reading the book about Wesley and finding out so much about barnyard owls–and people!!!

For your English study, I have transcribed the video (which I will post on Saturday–plenty of time for self-study) and will post study questions later today.

Take Action: Watch the video a few times to get used to the English so that you can answer the questions easily!

The idea at the end of the video is heart-warming–definitely worth watching the whole video!


  1. Why did Wesley need someone to take care of him?

  1. Was Stacey hesitant to take in Wesley?

  2. Why did Wesley get impatient?

  3. What would he do when he was impatient?

  4. Why will an owl sometimes will itself to die?

  5. How did Wesley take care of Stacey?

  6. Was Wesley a cuddler?

  7. Are you a cuddler?

  8. What does Stacey mean “I went to a very dark place with that”?

  9. What did Stacey learn was the only thing that matters?

Remember: Out loud, under your breath or in your head–one phrase a day that you use at least ten times improves your English!

Keep your eyes open and let us know what you found that is worth looking into!

Have a good one!


@KAdlerEnglish (Twitter)


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