The Answers–Not 10, Not 20, but the Top 30 “Rain Songs”!


Here is the article about:

Not 10, Not 20, but the Top 30 “Rain Songs”!



Here are the questions for the self-study:

Self-Study Saturday!



Part of learning is catching the typos and mistakes–there are a few and I hope that you caught them!!!! I pointed out the ones that I caught!!!!


Answers to the 30 questions from the songs list!!!


  1. Euphoric means very happy so a and c are correct.


    29. You think b. And, I hope you caught that ‘is’ is missing in a!!! Remember—everything is an opportunity to test your skill!!! (Did you catch the oddity in the question—it should be “If I believe the grass is greener on the other side I (not you—good catch!) think…”


28. c acceptable—It was a decent meal. It was a decent movie. It wasn’t bad.


  1. c is the conventional answer—although last week I ate spaghetti in the morning. By American standards I had a weird breakfast!


  1. The weather is believed to be predictable!


25. It is a sing-a-long kind of song!!!


24. the answer is c, period!!!! (And, did you catch the missing section in ‘b’ It is a great idea, but I am not sure!)


23. Because the song is about looking for (and never finding) his lover.


22. (The mondegreen is in the Eurythmics section—sorry about that! My mistake. The question numbers got me!)


like a newt in motion” is the modegreeen! The line really is “Tearing me apart like a new emotion.”


22. a ballad (I have no clue why there are two number 22s!)


21. Yes, it smacks of cheer. ( a very intersting usage of “smacks of” —which is usually something bad—smacks of favoritism!)


  1. Genesis!!!


19. A tune that is a simple song and easy to remember and easy to hum, whistle or sing! (Note—a song has a wonderful beat—usually not is a wonderful beat. It’s a wonderful beat –refers to the timing—not the whole song!!


  1. a. Sultriness is a noun—sultry would be the adjective

    b. Sugestive is used to describe the statement “ Let me feel your rain, I feel it’s coming.”

    c. Mellow—low key—is the answer


17/16. Developing and sticking to their style.



  1. a—this is the answer and I have no clue why the writer numbered 17 and 16 together!!


  1. Prince !


13. Sorry—Dumb and Dumber—this means it keeps getting –sillier –more rediculous as the song continues! (They got a Gold Record for this song!)


  1. It is tough to describe because there are many types of instruments that create different styles within the one song!


  1. flip the station” means to change the station—flip the channel if you are talking about TV! The answer is c! He doesn’t like the song. He likes the song better than commercials, though. If he flips the station and commercials are on the other stations, he flips it back to the song—he doesn’t like commercials!


  1. It’s just a simple and fast ditty with a great guitar solo and a cute change-up on the last chorus


  1. A few years passed and he realized his memory of the song was wrong—the guitar rocks!!!


8. He feels nothing (zero) when he wakes up. Euporic and depressed are feelings so neither of them can be the answer.


  1. Misplacing things—notorious usually has a negative meaning!


6. A was a good thing and I thanked her!!! C was a good thing and I thanked her. B is a bad thing and it is an example of turning a happy occasion sour! I told her to stop being Miss Bossy Pants and I got my potato chips!! We both laughed!


  1. Crazy Person


4. Babe Ruth– a baseball legend/a legend of baseball

Humphrey Bogart—a film legend/a legend of film

Pele—a soccer legend/a legend of soccer

3. a) Something you can bang your head to means move your head back and forth quickly (almost violently!) to the music

b) Something you can fall asleep to means it is calm amd relaxing.


  1. a. Insecurity

    b. an octave higher than the rest of the song!


1. it’s =the song it= heart


Have a good one!



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