I See English…OH! Be Careful!!!! Wednesday Listen!


I see English! English is everywhere! Pay attention to it and enjoy it and question it.

In this recording–I talk about what I saw on Sunday.


Click here to listen:I See English…OH! Be Careful!


High! vs High! vs High!

“High” refers to height. The shelf is too high for me to reach.

“High” means very happy. I am still high from winning the lottery!

“High” is a physical state of the mind and body from doing drugs.


Here are some questions for listening comprehension:



When did this happen?

Where was I going?

What was the woman wearing?

What did it say? Where did it say it?

What does it mean?

What do I understand about lettering in Japan?

What is the caution that I give? Why?

Why should foreigners in Japan not get upset?


Have a good one!




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