Mr. Noisy! Questions!


Click here to watch Mr. Noisy!

Monday started with “It’s very noisy here!”

Here are some self-study questions for you:

The questions cover the video’s start to 3:18 the actual story goes until video is 6:50—this is an adorable story of Mr. Noisy and it is British English!!!

1. If Mr. Noisy were reading this story he would be

(                   ).

2. You can hear his voice

(                            ).

3. If Mr. Noisy sneezes you can hear it

(                           ).

4. Mr. Noisy’s snoring sounds like

(                              ).

5. What things wobbled when Mr. Noisy shut the door?

(                 )

6. In the bakery, Mr. Noisy boomed,

“(                        )”.

7. The butcher (                ) and so did some (          ).

8. What did the baker and the butcher decide to do something about?

(                     )

Have a good one!



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