A Good Sport/Good Sports!!!!


From Urban Dictionary:


good sport


Australian, n,
Easy going, agreeable. Nice person.

he’s a bloody good sport he is. A fair dinkum bloke.



good sport


A person who plays fair, excepts both victory and defeat, and remains amiable

Let’s Try:

1) A husband and wife:

He burned the dinner. She was a good sport and (WHAT DID SHE DO?)



2) A brother and sister:

There was one piece of cake left. He was a good sport and (WHAT DID HE DO?)



3) Birthday girl and friends:

She found out about the suprise party. She was a good sport and (WHAT DID SHE DO?)



4) Katie and her listeners:

Katie is new at hosting a show and sometimes the chat room doesn’t work, etc. They are good sports and (WHAT DO THEY DO?)



5) Can you think of one???

(I am looking forward to reading it–leave a comment here or on Twitter!!!!)


Have a good one!!!




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