Answers to Mr. Noisy!!! Don’t read if you want to try!!!


Here is the Challenge—You can try and then come back and check the answers!!! Click Here: Mr. Noisy Questions

Answers to Mr Noisy and A Surprise!!!

1. If Mr. Noisy were reading this story he would be

(  shouting at the top of his voice ).



2. You can hear his voice

(   a hundred miles away ).



3. If Mr. Noisy sneezes you can hear it

(  in the next country   ).



4. Mr. Noisy’s snoring sounds like

(  a herd of elephants   ).



5. What things wobbled when Mr. Noisy shut the door?

(  the door, the house, the whole hill, wobble town, and a bird flying high).



6. In the bakery, Mr. Noisy boomed,  “(  I’d like a loaf of bread )”.



7. The butcher (trembled ) and so did some (meat).

OOPS—and sold him some meat!

WOW!!! Now, here is some encouragement for you! I made a mistake—-and it is a mondegreen–I listened to this so many times to make the questions and I heard 

…and so did some meat…

–meaning –the meat trembled, too!

And, today I heard “sold him some meat”!!!

And, it is not “so did some meat”  it is “sold him some meat”!!!



So, please go easy on yourself as you are learning English!!!

Everyone makes mistakes!!!! How wonderful!!!!



8. What did the baker and the butcher decide to do something about?

( Mr. Noisy being so noisy!)


Have a good one!




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