You try!!!! Get in touch with…Drop a line…Drop by…Buzz…Touch base with…..


We started our week and continued talking about contacting people!!!

I should get in touch with him! I should get in touch with her!

Make the next sentence using the words in parenthesis!!!!

1. I haven’t talked to Jay in awhile. I don’t have time to visit.

(drop a line, later)


2. What a surprise to see Yuki today!

(drop in, this morning)


3. I need to get some snacks for the party tonight.

(drop by, supermarket)


4. I wonder how Suzie is doing, she has been so busy.

(buzz, this afternoon)


5. I am so glad Hiro called me with the update about the trip.

(appreciate, touch base)




Have a good one!



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