Thank You Jeff Manning: Voice Over Artist


Do you do the same thing each year?

I try to do something different each year, of course, so the kids are

excited and surprised.

How was this year different?

This year I received some actual American cookie cutters from my

sister in the U.S., and so decided to use them. But I also found a fun

“eye ball” cookie idea online. I combined the two and came up with a different

take on the standard, basic sugar cookies.

How did you make sugar cookies?

The sugar cookies came from a “ready mix” (just add eggs & milk) that 
I found at my local market. I also found other cookie decorating 
ingredients there. I used frosting to decorate them!

 How many boxes did you buy?

I bought two boxes (they’re pretty small) and just followed the 
recipe. But, for some reason, the dough came out too “sticky”.

Oh, no! What did you do?

No problem. I bought a third box and added the dry powder little by 

little to make it more “dough-like”. I then rolled it out on a wooden 

platter and cut it into the different shapes and frosted them with the frosting.

So cute!!! How did you make the eyeball cookies?

The “eye balls” were a little different – several ideas online called 
for using doughnut holes covered in white chocolate, etc. 

So, did you use doughnut holes?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a doughnut shop anywhere near my 
apartment. So I improvised.

What did you do?

Once again my little local market came through. I found some round, 
jam-filled cookies, dipped them in the frosting I was already using, 
popped them in the fridge (so the frosting would harden a little), 
then used melted blue & green “white” chocolate over that.

The finished cookie is so funny! How did you make it look like an eye?

Each is topped off with Japanese chocolate covered wheat (“mugi 
choco”) for the iris. Brown M&M’s can also be used. As well as raisins 
(like the ghost cookies).

How did you decorate the bat cookies?

The eyes of the bat cookies are silver decoration sugar “sprinkles”, 
and the “fangs” are miniature strawberry chocolate chips turned on 
their side.

You are quite busy with work; how did the kids know when to come to your house?

Outside, the candle in the Jack-o-lantern was lit – a signal to the 
neighbor kids that everything was ready and they could come over 
anytime (my front door can be seen by quite a few other apartments and 

What a great way to celebrate Halloween!!!!


Have a good one!



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