Happy Labor Thanksgiving Day: A National Holiday!!!!


Have a festive and colorful day


We are now connected throughout the world

and our money supports people all over the world

and their money supports us as we work daily

and shop for all of the necessities of a beautiful life!


Give thanks that we, the people of the world,

can unite and make our voices heard and

create a peaceful world filled with family, work and play!!!!



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_Thanksgiving_DayLabor IN Japan!!!!

 Thanksgiving Day is the modern name for an ancient cereals (ricebarley/wheatfoxtail milletbarnyard milletproso millet, and beansharvest festival known as Niiname-sai (新嘗祭?). The Nihon Shoki mentions a harvest ritual having taken place during the reign of the legendary Emperor Jimmu (660–585 BC), as well as more formalized harvest celebrations during the reign of Emperor Seinei(480–484 AD). Modern scholars can date the basic forms of niiname-sai to the time of Emperor Temmu (667–686 AD).[1] Traditionally, it celebrated the year’s hard work; during the Niiname-sai ceremony, the Emperor would dedicate the year’s harvest to kami (spirits), and taste the rice for the first time.

The modern holiday was established after World War II in 1948 as a day to mark some of the changes of the postwar constitution of Japan, including fundamental human rights and the expansion of workers rights.[2] Currently Niiname-sai is held privately by the Imperial House of Japan while Labor Thanksgiving Day has become a national holiday.[3]

Have  a good one!!!




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  1. Thank you, Katie for sharing with us the history of Labor-Thanksgiving Day in Japan. Very interesting. Somewhat similar to the history here in the United States. A harvest festival celebrated between the European colonists and the Native Americans.

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