Answers to Wednesday! That is a gorgeous color! Those are gorgeous colors!


We started with I like that color!!!!

What a festive week it has been –Thanksgiving on Thursday and Labour Thanksgiving holiday on Friday! I love double duty celebrating!!!

Here are some sample answers for:

That is a gorgeous color! Those are gorgeous colors!

(Remember: I Googled “gorgeous” and then clicked images and, truly, gorgeous colors came up!)

1. The pink (color) of that watch is gorgeous.

2. The white of those wedding dresses is gorgeous.

3. The gorgeous hues of the landscapes are wonderful.

4. The hues of the landscapes are gorgeous.

5. The blue of those pool tables is gorgeous.

6. The red of that ceiling is gorgeous.

          (The ceiling is  a gorgeous red!)

7. The yellow color of that dessert is gorgeous.

8. The pink of the roses on that teacup is gorgeous.

9. The scarves are gorgeous colors.

10. That gray wall is gorgeous with the pillows

        and couch and lamp against it.

Just some examples to give you an idea of how to use gorgeous!



I hope you find some gorgeous colors to brighten up your home,

your wardrobe and your plate!!! Color is a beautiful thing!!!

Let it make a splash in your life!!!

Have  a good one!!!



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