Live with Katie Adler Call-in Internet Show Replays

December 13, 2012

Marc Carpentier is a Canadian broadcast specialist based in Tokyo, Japan, currently working as advisor, reporter, narrator and talent instructor at NHK’s International Planning and Broadcasting Department, NHK World, Global Media Services and JIB-TV.

December 6, 21012

Renae Lucas-Hall is an Australian born British novelist and writer. After graduating from university with a degree in Japanese language and culture, she lived in Tokyo for two years and taught English. For more about Renae and her writing, please go to

November 29, 2012

33 More Reasons to be Proud / 日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと
Following the disaster of March 11, 2011, the world marveled at the civilized and peaceful response of the Japanese people. Since their approach is completely “normal” Japan, it is very difficult for a Japanese person to explain the”why” of the thought process.

November 15, 2012

Alicia Cowan is a social media strategist, consultant and trainer for entrepreneurs.
She is the creator of the online training programme Twitter Brilliance, and regularly holds sell out social media workshops in her home city of London, UK.

Have a good one!

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