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Expressing Condolences


I am now at and learning how to post there!!! The address is a bit different–than this one!

There have been a lot of storms, earthquakes, murders and death is with us everyday–a friend’s cat or dog; a co-worker’s mother or brother. I felt it was time to learn English for a difficult situation: expressing condolences. Here is our phrase of the day and our theme for this week:

I am so sorry for your loss. Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am (for what you are going through). If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

Out loud, Under your breath, In your head—a little English every day!

Have a good one!




I’ve never seen that before!!!


In your head, out loud and under your breath—a little English everyday.

Today: I’ve never seen that before!

Even in your living space—sometimes we see things that we have never seen before—like the spider webs in the corners of my ceiling!!!! LOL!!!!

Remember there is: I’ve never seen that before!!! and you have NEVER seen that before–it is a first time–new technology, etc.

And there is today: I’ve never seen that before!!! It has probably always been there and you just didn’t see it–and the moment that you see it–and realize it has always been there: I’ve never seen that before!!!

Have a good one!



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